What is DMT?

DMT stands for Dayspring Missionary Training, It is a short-term missionary experience and internship program based in Mexico, which was started by Dayspring Outreach Ministries in 2004.

What’s the purpose of DMT?

The training program’s purpose is to give both Mexican and American Christians, young or old, single or married, the once in a life time opportunity to spend 7 intense months in Mexico, on the mission field, learning, growing, sharing and ministering together in God’s Kingdom work. These amazing experiences birth in the heart of every “DMTer” the desire to get involved in continued ministry at home, at the workplace, at school, or abroad, rather than standing any longer on the sidelines.

What do you believe at DMT?

DMT believes that everyone, no matter their age or abilities, has a great call upon their lives from God to rock our world for Him. We believe that Christ's final commandment to the church was His great commission to go and make disciples of all the nations; teaching them to observe all things that he had commanded. We know that every Christian can have a vital role in fulfilling that commission in their home setting or on the foreign field. We believe that in the heart of every believer is the desire for their life to have significance, to sense God's hand upon all that they do, and for their life to bear fruit that remains.

Want to know more about what we believe? Our Articles of Faith are found here: